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South HallBachelor of Arts in Statistical Science

The B.A. in Statistical Science is a basic degree intended for students interested in general training and statistics and the use of statistical methods in the social sciences, psychology, business and management, biological and environmental sciences, etc.

The Department typically advises students to choose the B.S. in Statistical Science degree because it provides a better preparation for the work force, as such; a majority of our students complete the B.S. requirements. Some students however, choose the B.A. option because it allows them to graduate earlier or it is easier to complete when opting to double major.

Please note that the difference between the Minor in Statistics requirements and the B.A. requirements is small, and is essentially three Upper Division courses. Many students begin the Statistics minor but complete the full B.A. requirements and graduate with a double major.

The Bachelor of Arts degree differs from the Bachelor of Science program in two ways, 1) by requiring less upper-division units (40 units versus 52 units, in total, 3 courses) and 2) by allowing flexibility in the choice of major courses.

Students opting for the B.A. degree are advised to consult our faculty undergraduate advisor about their choice of electives. For example, some of our B.A. graduates were successfully hired in the financial industry (e.g., Franklin Templeton, Capital One, Deutsche Bank, etc) due to their strategic choice of courses such as: PSTAT 126, 130, 131, 174 and several actuarial courses as electives.

Recommended preparation for major: two years of algebra and courses in plane geometry and trigonometry at high school.

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