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Storke towerMinor in Statistical Science

The statistics minor is popular with students who major in Mathematics, Business & Economics, Biology-related majors, and many others disciplines. The growing number of statistics minors reflects the pressing needs for a better quantitatively-trained work force. Students preparing for graduate school are wise to take advantage of the great variety of statistics courses offered on campus and many of them complete the requirements for a minor in Statistical Science.

Minor Sheet

College of Letters and Science Regulations

* At least 18 upper-division quarter units are completed for the minor. (Waivers cannot reduce the requirement below this number.)

* At least 12 of the upper-division units for the minor are completed while in residence at UCSB.

* The UC grade-point average in ALL applicable upper-division courses, including those in excess of minimum requirements, is 2.0 or higher.

*No more than 5 upper division units overlap between this minor and the upper-division portion of the major(s) or other minor(s). If overlap is greater with the major(s), completion of the minor will not be formally recognized; if overlap with other minor(s) is greater, only the first minor reported will be recognized.

* All courses to be applied to the minor must be completed on a letter-grade basis. This includes both courses offered in probability and statistics and those offered by other departments and applied to the minor.

* Substitutions and waivers are subject to approval by the chair or undergraduate advisor of the department.

* Please see Academic Minors for special conditions governing minors in the College of Letters and Science.

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